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İpekoğlu Kauçuk started its activities in 1982 on a 10m2 closed area in Konya Motor Vehicles Industry. While it continued its activities in Zafer Industry in 1989 and in Konya Organized Industry in 1994, it continues its production with the latest technology machines in its new production area of 2500m2 closed and 5000m2 open area in Konya Organized Industry in 2007.

Our company uses glass in the automotive industry. and door dust rubbers, flocked glass seals, various types of sponge profiles, tire segments and hoses, and in the construction sector, it produces various types of glass, door and steel door seals suitable for all weather conditions and durable.

In addition to making molds for all the products we produce, we also have a mold workshop with experienced staff who have the capacity to make all kinds of molds.

In addition to the products we mass produce, profile gaskets resistant to oil, fuel, dust, acid and other chemicals, Sealing elements are among the products produced successfully by our company.

Our products are used in the national industry and our domestic and international exports continue.

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As İPEKOĞLU AUTOMOTIVE; By working with a team spirit and a superior sense of duty and combining today's technology with our own experience, we produce our products; It is our duty to produce high quality, in the desired quantity and time, in line with the agreements made with customers.


With the participation and efforts of all our employees; Our aim is to do all the work right the first time and produce quality products at the lowest cost. As İPEKOĞLU AUTOMOTIVE, our goal is; - Continuously improving product quality and variety - Continuously increasing market share - Always pleasing the customer - To be the leading organization in the sector.


As İPEKOĞLU OTOMOTİV, to increase the number of our customers by promoting our products in the best way with active marketing teams, and to minimize customer complaints about our products by creating an effective after-sales service.

To ensure applicability to the company by following the developing and changing technological situations in our field of activity.

To increase the knowledge and skills of employees through continuous training.

Our basic policy is to share our earnings with our employees.