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With our 40 years of experience, we work devotedly by adapting to trends in the automotive industry. In this process, we prioritize customer comfort at every stage, along with the superior quality products we produce.

The Secret of Sealing

İpekoğlu Kauçuk started its activities in 1982 on a 10m2 closed area in Konya Motor Vehicles Industry. While it continued its activities in Zafer Industry in 1989 and in Konya Organized Industry in 1994, it continues its production with the latest technology machines in its new production area in 2007, in a 2500m2 closed and 5000m2 open area in Konya Organized Industry.

While our company produces glass and door dust rubbers, flocked glass seals, various types of sponge profiles, tire segments and hoses in the automotive sector, it produces various types of glass, door and steel door seals suitable for all weather conditions and durable in the construction sector.

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The mixing stage is an important production process in which materials are brought together with special formulation and high precision to obtain a homogeneous mixture. With this method, we aim to lead the industry and offer the best quality mixtures that meet customer needs.

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The extrusion process in the rubber roving industry represents a key production step in which rubber materials are shaped with special design and high precision. With this approach, we aim to meet customer expectations at the highest level by leading innovations in the sector.

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Finishing is a critical production process that provides the final touch of products with special design and high precision. With this method, we aim to meet customer demands at the maximum level by pioneering the latest innovations in the industry.

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